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Bee Swarm Simulator (ROBLOX)

Name of the game: Bee Swarm Simulator (ROBLOX)
Your name: Keiran

Platform:Pc, Xbox, Tablet ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍& Phones
Multiplayer:       Yes           No ⚪

Genre: Simulator
Age level game would appeal to: Any

Details (Aim/goal of the game, Setting, Characters - what the game is about):
The aim of the game is to discover all of the bees in the game there are 4 rarity's Common, Rare Epic & Legendary. If your wondering what Bees are used for here are what they are used for ---> collecting pollen, making honey and fighting. (Ladybugs, Rhino Beetle, Spider, Mantis & Werewolves).

In Bee Swarm Simulator Pollen is used for making Honey & with the honey, you can buy bee’s (eggs) and better gear for collecting pollen. You can also get quest’s for Honey, Egg’s & Boost’s
(Upgrade Honey Making Speed, Collect more Honey Etc.)

In Bee Swarm Simulator you can find Secret Royal Honey Around the map Royal honey is used for changing your bee to get a better bee (Hard For Epic-Legendary.) You Can also get a daily quest to get royal honey.


Rating from 1-10 (10 is the highest score) and a comment about:

Smoothness: 10 Usually runs smoothly depends what device you have

Graphics: 6 The graphics are quite blocky but, I forgive That because how much work they put in the game!

Multiplayer: 10 It is ALWAYS multiplayer (5 People per server)

What I like about the game: That You Get quests from the Bears then u get honey and eggs

What I do not like about the game: it gets a little bit boring after you’ve completed all the quests but, there will be updates.

How would you rate this game overall (make your own rating system):


Would you recommend this game? Yes
Why or why not?
Because it's a fun and easy game to play for all ages

Kat (roblox)

Name of the game: KAT (ROBLOX)
Your name: Keiran

Platform: Pc Tablet Phone Xbox
Multiplayer:       Yes           No ⚪

Genre: PvP
Age level game would appeal to: 10-16

Details (Aim/goal of the game, Setting, Characters - what the game is about):

The aim of the game is to hit people with your knife or gun to Kill opposing players if u kill multiple people you can get a kill streak (my best is 17). There is a glitch where you start off with lots of levels and it happens to most players. There is also boomboxes which you can play music on Marshmallow, Katy Perry etc.

You can get Charters to play as that look Amazing! You can also get different knives, pets, boomboxes, knife effects And much More! You can play with friends or other players. If you want to get songs on your boombox search up “Roblox Music ID”. What are you waiting for Play Now!

Image result for roblox katImage result for roblox kat

Rating from 1-10 (10 is the highest score) and a comment about:

Smoothness: 10 KAT is Really smooth running Even though there’s a lot of coding in the game

Graphics: 5 The graphics are like most other ROBLOX games so don’t expect too much from KAT in graphics

Multiplayer: 9.9 It is fun to play with friends but with strangers it can be frustrating because some people are really good

What I like about the game: That you can have  boomboxes to play Music
What I do not like about the game:

How would you rate this game overall (make your own rating system):


Would you recommend this game? Yes
Why or why not?
Because It's Can be challenging if your looking for a challenge

ROBLOX review

Name of the game: ROBLOX
Your name: Keiran

Platform: Pc, Tablets, IPad & Xbox
Multiplayer:       Yes            No ⚪

Genre: Other
Age level game would appeal to: 5-20

Details (Aim/goal of the game, Setting, Characters - what the game is about):
ROBLOX is a game with just about anything you want from Tycoon’s to Shooters you can also play with friends. The most popular game in ROBLOX right now is JailBreak you can be a prisoner or a cop, but I recommend tycoons because they are good time passers. Time passer games are a way to pass time easily which are really good if you want for wait for stuff.

There are also Groups and in some groups, they give out free robux, if you are wondering what robux is, it is a type of money in Roblox that you have to pay real money for, to buy access to games and buy Roblox clothing.

If you are wondering, what is a tycoon? Etc. A Tycoon is a thing where you make a big sarture like.    Blood Moon [HELI] tycoon you buy droppers which give you money and then you can buy guns and decorations but in others, there might not be guns but there are ALWAYS! droppers and i mean ALWAYS!

Probably everyone knows what a shooter is but for the people who don’t know I'm going to explain what it is, a shooter is a game with guns and you shoot opponents/enemies if you don't shoot them they will shoot you. Usually, points come in kills and the team with the most kills by the end of the round wins. but sadly there aren't that many shooters, but if you wanted to play a shooter I recommend Phantom Forces.


Rating from 1-10 (10 is the highest score) and a comment about:

Smoothness: 8 It runs Really Smoothly Depending What Game You Are Playing On. ROBLOX But Usually Runs Extremely Smoothly

Story: Changes Depending on what game you are playing

Graphics: 6 ROBLOX has average graphics but some people can make graphics Really well if the people who create ROBLOX games put a lot of effort into it

Multiplayer: ROBLOX is really fun to play with friends and is nearly always multiplayer
There are Two Player Games That you can play with a buddy

What I like about the game: I like that there is just about anything you can do you can play tycoons, simulators, shooters and much more

What I do not like about the game: That you have to pay to get robux

How would you rate this game overall (make your own rating system):
4/2 Stars out of 5

Would you recommend this game? Yes
Why or why not? Because There Is Just about anything for anyone animal sci-fi, tycoon, life and much more.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

La La Land

This is my art I call it La La Land The message of my art is: Never Let Your Imagination die!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

30 Jokes

  1. What do you call the incredible hulk crying the corner? The Incredible salk
  2. What did the vampire dog say to the normal dog? I want to siff your but blah blah balh
  3. There's this slide and a pool is at the end of the slide the first kid says Ruby's the second kid said diamonds and the third kid said weeeee and pee filed the pool
  4. Where do Cows get their milk from? The milky way
  5. Why do donkeys have bumps all over them? Because keys donk them
  6. Knock knock who's there a broken pencil a broken pencil who? Never Mind it's pointless
  7. Knock knock who's there? Thedoor thedoor who? The door wasn't opened so I knocked
  8. Knock knock who's there? Cows go cows go who? No cows go moo
  9. How do get a baby out of a tree? You give a mexican a stick and tell him it's PiƱata
  10. How did a little boy win against lebron james in basketball? Because he put the ball in a basket
  11. Will you remember me in a year? yes
              Will you remember me in a  month? yes
              Will you remember me in a week? yes
              Will you remember me in a day? Yes
Knock knock who's there? I thought you would remember me?

12. Three guys stranded on a desert island find a magic lantern containing a genie, who grants them each one wish. The first guy wishes he was off the island and back home. The second guy wishes the same. The third guy says “I’m lonely I wish my friends were back here.”

13. What do you call a cat thats scared of a mouse? A pussy cat

14. What is the best season to jump on a trampoline? Spring time

15.What is the strongest creature in the world? The snail. It carries its whole house on its back.

16.Teacher asks the student: “Why are you so late?!
Student “Well I was crossing the road and suddenly it says “School ahead, go slowly!”

17. elephants go for a walk on a stormy day. They only have one umbrella between them. How come they none of them get wet?Well did anybody say it was raining?

18.Where do pencils spend their vacations?
In Pencilvania.

19. Mother, “How was school today, Patrick?”

Patrick, “It was really great mum! Today we made explosives!”

Mother, “Ooh, they do very fancy stuff with you these days. And what will you do at school tomorrow?”

Patrick, “What school?”

20. Little Johnny asks the teacher, “Mrs Roberts, can I be punished for something I haven’t done?”
Mrs Roberts is shocked, “Of course not, Johnny, that would be very unfair!”
Little Johnny is relieved, “OK Mrs Roberts, sorry, I haven’t done my homework.”

21. My socks got really holy. That's why I can only wear them to the church.

22.   My diet plan: Make all of my friends cupcakes they fatter they get the thinner i look

23.Teacher says "Kids, what does the chicken give you?"
Student says "Meat!"
Teacher says "Very good! Now what does the pig give you?"
Student says "Bacon!"
Teacher says"Great! And what does the fat cow give you?"
Student says "Homework!"

24. My friend thinks he is smart he told me an onion is the only food that makes you cry so I threw a coconut at his face.

25.  What do you call a pea working for a stamp company? A stampede

26. How a you stop a bull from charging? You take away it's credit card

27. What do you call a bull that’s sleeping? A bulldozer

28. What do you call a boy baby wearing a hat? A son-hat

29. What should you name your dog with the letter U? doug

30. Police: Where do you live?
Me: With my parents live
Police: where do your parents live?
Me: with me
Police:Where do you all live?
Me: Together
Police: where is  your house?
Me: By my neighbor's house
Police:Where is your neighbor's house?
Me: You won't believe me if i tell you
Police: TELL ME!
Me: By my house

Sunday, 5 November 2017

My New Bike

My New Bike


I woke up not knowing I would get the red & black shiny bike today my mum said “get dressed we are going to get that bike you wanted in an hour.” I pumped my hand in the air well whispering “Yes!” to myself as I walked to my room excitedly. I came out of my room dressed as I ran to my car forgetting we were getting it in an hour I waited 5 minutes till I went back upstairs Jack was cracking up with laughter. “I forgot we were getting it in an hour” I said while slapping my face.

 so I grabbed my phone and watched youtube for 43 minutes then played clash royal for 10 minutes. Then my mum said we’re going now then jumped off the couch then raced downstairs sat in the car thinking “Is my bike going to be that red one or green one?” then my mum & dad walked slowly to the car then we drove through town it felt like it took 5 hours but it was only 15 minutes then we arrived at Mitchell cycles. As I jumped out of the car I was in the shop looking for the red & black bike I wanted even though it was $500!

Mum Bought the red & black bike then I rushed outside and tried to open the but i didn't succeed I failed hard but I finally got it open and put my bike in then we went home to ask Jack if he wanted to ride his bike at Spotswood college.